Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Mother's Braids

Arms folded
Like …
A Cossack soldier?
An airplane passenger in an emergency situation?
An undecided b-boy?
A parent expecting dissapointment?

Braids twirled up on top of her head
Like …
A young Helga secretly posing for Andrew Wyeth before he was born?
Princess Leia frolicking on Endor among the furry little Ewoks?
A woodland fairy resplendent underneath her crown?

Smiling a gap toothed smile
An impish
Gap toothed smile
Sitting next to her doll
Slightly slumped in a chair in her own living room
And wearing a cute little sun dress
Accentuating knobby knees and long legs
Like …
Any young girl
Like her granddaughter

Like …
Every other picture of her
From straight down over a knit poncho to afro perm to chemo smooth
From gap tooth to multiple crowns
From then to know
Seventy years worth

Defying categorization and chronology
Triggering a love in me
Like …

No one else

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