Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Years Walk

But downright cold when the wind was blowing
But even faster when I was carrying him on my shoulders
But quieter still when she picked up her American Girl traveling case rather than pulling it and its squeaky wheels behind her
But less fun when he was proclaiming in his loudest and best whine that he couldn’t stand it any longer and this was certainly not a ten minute walk
But less so when we exited the woods and found ourselves walking alongside extensive fields watching runners go quickly by and wondering not about our own resolutions but instead about whether we would be likely to see these folks out on a Saturday in April or May
But for the last half mile after he declared he had to urinate and a debate ensued about how best to meet that need, a debate which ended with his pants pulled down next to the car
But with only dry underwear to point to as evidence amidst the screaming and hitting going on in the backseat
But not really, as we were all outside again after nap
But not really
And ...

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