Monday, January 27, 2014

My Mother’s Life: The Musical … You’ll Wish You’d Been Within Earshot

She’d write it
She’s written it
She’s written it all
And it’ll be great
Because it’s not always been easy
Trust me
I’ve lived within earshot

She’d choose the cast
Calling in and texting her vote as many times as it takes
Busy lines be damned
Trust me
I’ve been drafted into the election effort
I’ve been loitering within earshot

She’d direct it all
The crew
The actors
The orchestra
I can see her now
At rehearsal
Calling out missed sharps and flats
From the front row
The back row
An office upstairs
The parking lot
Anywhere within earshot
Trust me
I’ve missed an F sharp within earshot

She’d sing lead vocals too
On every song
Whether she chose them or not
Whether she was in the cast or not
Whether she was supposed to or not
She’d sing them all
And she would sing them all
Choir style
Probably as an alto
Though she’d give the soprano line a try
It wouldn’t matter if it was
A hymn
An original country ballad or
A cover of Guns N/ Roses
Or Prince
Or Eminem
Trust me
I’ve been within earshot

She’d serve cake at the cast party
Telling everyone
As she handed them a plate with a piece of cake on it
How thankful she was
And how wonderful they’d been
And they’d believe it
Because she believed it
They’d believe it and
They would be that good next time
Even if they hadn’t been this time
Because she believed in them
I’d be cutting the cake and placing it on plates
And I’d believe it
I was within earshot

Because I’ve been within earshot

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