Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Barry Bonds Should Be In The Hall Of Fame

Go ahead and leave
But when you come back
Check and make sure
That your top hat and her doggie are where they were when you left
That all the same houses are in all the same places and
That all the same money is in all the same piles
She cheats
She’ll smile if you catch her
Roll around a bit on the floor and
Wait for you to take your turn
She won’t protest
Won’t lie to the grand jury
Won’t plead not-guilty
Like them
Like all of them
She really doesn’t feel guilty
She wants to win
They’re all just trying to win
At monopoly
At baseball
At life
She cheats
But I still play
She cheats
But she’s good
Whether I stay or go
Whether I choose to recognize it or not

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