Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why Making Major Life Decisions Is Hard, But Shouldn't Be

I’ll have tuna and cheese
Yeah, a melt
With a little mayo
On wheat bread
Do I want lettuce?
But if I have lettuce
Maybe I’ll drop the melt and go with turkey
Yeah, sure, roasted sounds good
But do you have whole grain white bread
What about chicken
Yeah, I’ll go with chicken
No, no tomato
Yes, keep the lettuce
No, no mayo now
I’ll go with mustard
Spicy brown mustard
What’s that?
You have Dijon too?
Ok, Dijon it is
Do you have avocado?
Yes, excellent
I’ll have avocado and chicken
Avocado and chicken
Wait a second
You know
I think turkey would go better
And hold the mustard
Yeah, mayo would be great
Right, sure
Let’s see
That would be turkey, mayo, avocado on
What kind of bread did you say you had?
Ok whole wheat
But you know
In that case
I’d like tune
Tuna and mayo on whole wheat bread
With cheese
A melt?
Sure, then drop the mayo
But keep the avocado
Sounds great
What’s that?
Chips or apple slices?

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