Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday's Blogger is Tired

I am tired. I'm tired for lots of reasons. Seren was sick this week. My parents visited (causing a good tired, but tired nonetheless). Seren left her nice two nap schedule in favor of one nap that I am barely squeezing in at the end of the day after many hours with grumpykins. I am knee deep in my first freelance writing gig, which I am not pursuing as tirelessly or successfully as I should be. And, due to all of the above, I am off my schedule.
I'm also tired because I read today, which doesn't seem like such a good reason to be tired. The world does suck though. Apparently lynching is still an acceptable threat in this country, but beating up people who hang nooses in schoolyards is punishable by jail time. To me that is a great example of how laws should take into account context. If people are bigoted enough to rely on the threat of lynching to keep a school area segregated, they should have their asses kicked. To be honest, shooting them doesn't seem to excessive either. Horses with broken legs get shot, and bigotry like that seems to me to be worse than a broken leg. And while I'm suggesting shooting people, I'd like to shoot everyone who wrote in to in response to an important article on Bill Clinton joking that he would slit his throat if Hillary won and asserted that it would be awful to have the Clinton's back in the White House after what they'd done. Have these people been in the country the last seven years? I guess intellectually I know people still support Bush, but ... And what is with the Britney Guy getting a slot amidst the top news stories. If our world isn't going to hell, our news surely is. And it just makes me very tired. So, good night.

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