Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday's Blog is Full of Woe

According to Wikipedia, Wednesday's child used to be loving and giving. Friday's child used to be full of woe. At some point they switched. The author of the unverified Wikipedia article says that Friday the word comes from Freyja the Norse God of Love, and Wednesday has it's lineage in Woden the wanderer. If that is all true, the current version of the nursery rhyme associates love with the loving and giving and wandering with woe. I like the 1887 version's association a little better. Love is "full of woe," and wandering is about finding love and giving of yourself. I don't have a thing against love. I feel it towards some of my favorite people, and they give it back. I actually love love, but I love it more when it is complete. And love, when complete, can bite you in the ass. Associating love with woe sound like truth in advertising to me, which totally explains why it's been switched. And it is perfect that woe has been thrown around the neck of free spirited wanderers. Of course, if wandering is about love and giving, then it's also about woe. Really, I have no idea what I'm writing about. I'm simply indulging in creative, or not-so creative, wandering. Woe to me. Woe is me? Whatever, but I love it ...

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