Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last Thursday's Blog
Welcome to last Thursday's Blog. Last Thursday Seren (aka the toddler that lives in my house) developed a runny nose. On Friday she added a cough, a fever, and grandparents. My mom and dad flew in on Friday from Michigan. The plan was to go to the Jersey shore early Saturday morning. The plan met Seren's runny nose, fever, and cough and fled like it was a cheerio at a play-group. Instead, we all sat around taking turns pulling snot out of Seren's nose, all of us except Seren who had the market on thrashing and screaming cornered. Monday and Tuesday involved actual outings. And then grandma and grandpa left this morning, leaving me with a weeks worth of blogs to do, at least in theory.
The weeks worth of blogs may well remain theoretical, but Wednesday's dilemma is bound to return. It certainly ain't new. How slavishly should I stick to routine, and how panicked should I be when forced out of it? The only actions I do regularly are shit, sleep, and eat. Everything else is up for negotiation. Eating a particular meal, brushing my teeth, and even showering are never guarantees. Maybe the closest to the shit, sleep, and eat category is scooping cat litter. When I don't do that one of my cat pisses on everything. Of course he pisses on some things regardless, but ... What I would love to know is how I could motivate myself to read a book, write in my blog, run, or paint some part of my house on a regular basis. Oh, and I wouldn't mind knowing how to miss a day without becoming convinced that I've messed up and there's no point in running, looking for a job, or attempting to compose my first minuet for at least two months. And while I'm at it, can some one tell me which of these activities would be the most satisfying and interesting to discuss at dinner party's once I've been committed to them for at least three and a half years?
At least I can write two blogs a day. Running twice as much, or brushing my teeth every ten minutes probably isn't a good use of my time. But, writing a blog with a toddler on your lap isn't so awfully awesome either. And you never know when this Thursday will interfere with this or last Thursday's agenda.
So, in conclusion, I have no conclusion, except that this is the end of last Thursday's blog.

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