Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Nothing that don't kill us will only make us stronger."

"Nothing that don't kill us will only make us stronger." This bit of wisdom was written on a piece of poster board, brought to Papa John's Cardinal Stadium at the University of Louisville, displayed for the television cameras, and shown on live television. It's the first part of that progression that it took me the longest to process. Someone sat at their kitchen table or workbench or desk and wrote this statement out in permanent marker with the intention of displaying it and the hope of having it broadcast on television. It would be one thing if this abomination of multiple negatives tumbled out of someones' mouth ... after they'd had too much Jim Beam. I would have been embarrassed, but I wouldn't have felt it necessary to commit seppuku. If I'd have taken the time to write "nothing that don't kill us will only make us stronger" out on a piece of poster board, I'd have asked to have each of my limbs tied four 1982 Chevy Pickups. I know it's Louisville, but it is still a University. I was a Student Instructor at Berkeley and had to grade papers, so I know all about bad writing amongst college students, but this is absurd. How ignorant is the average American? Maybe I shouldn't get so worked up. Maybe I'm an elitist who maintains his position by holding others to archaic rules of etiquette. After all, it's only language. How important is communication really? Misuse of our own language certainly won't kill us, so it can't but not makes us only less stronger.

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