Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monday's Blog

If I was a student at the University of Florida this week, I'd be doing my homework. The next time I'm moved to scream at the top of my lungs about injustice in the world, in public, it will be the first. If I was a Gator, I would still hate my sports teams, and I would stare at the people marching across my campus and screaming about police brutality with barely disguised contempt. That contempt, and a few choice words shared with my dad, would be my only real protest. I probably should start my own movement, but who would join me in a chant of "Yes bro we're tasing you because you're a little manipulative grandstanding bitch?" What I really wish is that I could march along with the defenders of the American way and act as if this were a dangerous infringement of Constitutional rights. But I wouldn't be able to yell out that this was police brutality without breaking into laughter. If anything, this idiot got what he deserved. He shouted over someone else and tried to ask Kerry a question after the time for questions had been closed. He was being rude and pushy, and I kind of wish all rude and pushy people could be tasered. Now, that might just be a movement that could gain some momentum. TASER THE PUSHY PEOPLE! Some women pushes up against you in line at the grocery store because you haven't put you lemons on the conveyor bet fast enough? Taser her uptight suburban ass. Some guy at Jiffy Lube shakes his head in disgust because you don't position your car over the lift correctly? Taser his greasy ass. Some body cuts in front of you in line? Taser them twice. Maybe if I was a student at Florida I could start a movement. If only I was a student at Florida.

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