Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday's Blog is Full of Grace
No child is full of grace. Newborns barely move. Toddlers stumble through life. There's nothing graceful about the middle school years. And teenagers are many things, but grace is only one of them for short spurts on the field or at the ice rink. My daughter, who is now a full on toddler, is beautiful, cute, wonderful, and ... well I could go on and on, and often do ... but not even I find her to be very graceful. She doesn't recognize impediments, she simply walks through them. If it's smaller than she is it can be walked over or through. My daughter isn't elegant, and that's OK. In fact, it's a part of her charm. I don't trust grace. It just doesn't seem natural. And it's absence from children would seem to back up that point. Grace is learned. It's a part of the obfuscation of adulthood. If I could live the way I wanted to, it would be without any grace at all. I would travel through life the way that my daughter walks through a room: stumble, bumble, and learn.

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